In recent years, The Pokémon Company found very different ways of communicating about games Pokémon, especially those from the main series. Obviously, impossible to escape for Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which today was entitled to an enigmatic video dubbed in English and Japanese without any footage from the game. Company makes us believe that it is directly anchored in the universe of Pokémon and the main series by indicating that a mysterious video footage has been discovered in the Library of Joliberges (one of the towns in the Sinnoh region, in the present) by a research team.

This video contains images from the region of Hisui. The person filming obviously has trouble using the device recording this video, since she describes it as strange and has therefore surely just discovered it. This device is surely a Smarceus. It is difficult to know if this person is in fact a character that we will meet in the story of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but she films (badly) some Pokémon in a snow-covered environment including Stalgamin and probably another or even other Pokémon whose name (s) it is impossible to hear, but the person seems in any case surprised to see some here given the surrounding cold.

Going further, she discovers another mysterious Pokémon, which she initially confuses with a Canines then a Goupix. She does not know him but describes him vaguely: this seemingly adorable Pokemon has a red-tipped tail that it can waggle, as well as white fur on its head and around its neck that looks soft, and finally round, yellow eyes. This description does not really match the Pokémon that we already know and therefore it is believed to be a regional form, which would therefore be exclusive to the region of Hisui. While we could have perhaps seen a little what this Pokémon looks like, things get complicated, since the character is being attacked, probably by another Pokémon (or even several) or by the one he has just encountered. We no longer hear him speak, but a Pokémon visibly approaches the device with which he was filming the scene, given that we hear very close footsteps. It is also difficult to know if this Pokémon is the same one that was discovered and if it is alone or accompanied.

After the video was released, many people around the world of course began to imagine which Pokémon that matched the description would be. More often than not, we see people thinking that it would be a Floor whose shape would therefore be exclusive to the Hisui region. But the video could go further than that, teasing several Pokémon, whether they are new (new evolutions of existing Pokémon) or with a regional form. In any case, the next announcements on Pokémon Legends: Arceus, concrete this time around, should arrive very soon and will at least reveal the Pokémon that matches the description of the creature with the white fur.

As a reminder, Pokémon Legends will be available on January 28, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are available and the downloadable version cost 59,99 €. For any pre-order of the physical version, the Caninos Set (Form of Hisui) for the protagonist will be offered. To receive it, you will need log into the Mystery Gift function before May 9, 2022. It will unlock after about two hours of play. select “Via Internet” in the “Mystery Gift” menu. Exclusively for the downloadable version, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will offer a code that will give access to 30 Masse Balls, making it easy to catch Pokémon that ignore our presence. Exclusively in Japan, The Pokémon Company has prepared exclusive bonuses for pre-orders which will begin this August 19. For any purchase of the physical edition, a Arceus V promotional card illustrated by Atsushi Furusawa will be offered. It will of course be officially part of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Finally, depending on the participating stores where the game is pre-ordered in Japan, various exclusive and different bonuses depending on the store will be offered. The full list can be found on the official website at this address.

Note: Pokémon Legends: Arceus will not be not immediately compatible with the Pokémon HOME application on Switch, iOS and Android. We will have to wait until 2022, without further details. At last, regarding ranked fights, they will not be available. Nevertheless, they will remain active in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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