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And Shinya Takahashi talked about plans to “show something at the end of the year”

This happened in the 82nd meetings with shareholders, which was reported by the blogger @NStyleswho has been running a fan site dedicated to Nintendo for 20 years:


Shuntaro Furukawa:
The balance of sales between OLED revision, basic revision and Lite revision is good. In the previous fiscal year (FY2021), console sales were lower than in the previous fiscal year (FY2020) due to the release of Animal Crossing (FY2020) and a shortage of electronic components.

At the same time, Pokemon BD / SP and Pokemon Arceus made 10.000.000 copies sold each. Total software sales for fiscal year 2021 were 235,000,000 copies, the highest in our console history.

Shuntaro Furukawa:
Digital sales totaled 356.9 billion yen thanks to growth in Animal Crossing and online subscriptions. Smartphone apps and merchandise sales generated 35.5 billion yen. Total sales were 1.356.3 billion yen.

Shuntaro Furukawa:
As for the challenges of the future, in a rapidly changing environment where competition is becoming more and more difficult, we continue to bet on the development of the console business. To create a single hardware-software platform that provides a unique Nintendo entertainment experience that brings smiles to our customers.
We will strive to develop our franchises and our characters, which are the core of the entire business, and further.

Shuntaro Furukawa:
We will strive to strengthen our connection with every customer through Nintendo Accounts. We will continue to support the sales of the three revisions of Switch through new releases of our games such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3 or new games in the Pokemon franchise, as well as games from third parties.
Despite the negative impact of the pandemic and the shortage of electronic components, we will continue to conduct business, taking all necessary measures to support it.

Question #3

About old Nintendo franchises. Many of them have not received new releases for a very long time. Any plans for such new releases or at least remakes? For example, within such popular franchises as F-Zero or Baten Kaitos?

Shinya Takahashi:
When it comes to remakes of our past work, I’m always thinking about how to make something interesting, whether it’s a remake or a new release.
I have already answered a similar question before. Back then I had plans for a remake and we talked about it, but at the moment I can’t voice many things. However, at the end of the year I will show a video of something new, although it is not exactly a remake.

Question #5

About your business in China. Previously, Nintendo used the iQue brand in China, but now it has partnered with Tencent. And there are rumors about iQue that they are to blame for the recent data leak. I would like to know about risk management in the context of such leaks.

Shuntaro Furukawa:
The market for PC and smartphone games in China is huge, but the market for video game consoles and games for them is much smaller. Together with Tencent, we want to popularize game consoles.
We work with experts to prevent information leaks. And we started to deal with information security management.

There is only one female director in the external structures of the company and none in the internal structures. What are your future plans in this regard? I would like to know about the current percentage of women in leadership positions.

Shuntaro Furukawa:
We consider the personal qualities and strengths of each person when hiring staff, without reference to gender. There are women in the top management of some of our foreign subsidiaries. 23.7% of women working for us hold management positions. We pay enough attention to the advancement of women.

Question #7 (from a Kirby fan who first praises the success of his favorite franchise)

This time I’m not talking about Kirby, but about Fire Emblem Heroes (an online casino for smartphones), which destroys the canon of the Fire Emblem world (followed by a stream of complaints).

Shuntaro Furukawa:
Thank you for the words about Kirby and for your concern about Fire Emblem Heroes. We may not always be able to meet all your requests. We develop many mobile applications. They are needed to promote our franchises in regions where the Switch is not very popular and not very widespread.

Question #8

Business in Russia stopped due to well-known events. What will happen to him in the future?

Shuntaro Furukawa:
Nintendo eShop is disabled. Logistics stopped. The share of the Russian market in Nintendo’s business is low, so the impact of this is minimal. Satoru Shibata will tell about the situation in Europe.

Satoru Shibata:
I’m sad about Russia. We will decide on further actions depending on the situation. In the European market, we are doing well.

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