Nintendo Switch / Android accessibility controller “Lite SE” to be released

8BitDo, a peripheral device manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, will be an accessibility controller for game users who have difficulty moving on Wednesday, June 15th.「Lite SE」Was announced to be released.Official online storeWe have started accepting advance reservations at.

(The image is8BitDo official website “Lite SE. For Gamers with Limited Mobility”Than)

Lite SE is a small controller that can connect to Nintendo Switch / Android as well as Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth. The main body size is 66 mm in length × 120 mm in width × 26.5 mm in thickness, and the weight is 82.65 g. It also supports USB Type-C connection.

 Including L and R strainsAll buttonsMounted on the surface of the main bodyThe biggest feature is that the buttons and sticks can be operated with less force than usual. In addition, a wide range of rubber mats on the bottom enhance anti-slip measures.

A type of intractable disease designated for the development of this product“Spinal muscular atrophy”A boy living in Sweden who lives in an electric wheelchair.Oscar CarlssonYou are involved.

Carlson, who enjoys playing games where he can experience everything without physical restrictions,DIY with his father to create a controller optimized for his bodyI have been searching for a more free play environment.

On the other hand, because it requires specialized knowledge, his father, who was suffering from trial and error, asked 8BitDo for advice on improvement, and he was the co-founder and chief designer of the company.Weiling LiHe proposes commercialization.Promote joint development based on Carlson’s feedbackThis time it was released.

(The image isYouTube「8BitDo Lite SE. Made for Gamers with Limited Mobility.」Than)

Carlson“I couldn’t press the L or R button before, but now I can.”In the video released along with the announcement. The selling price of Lite SE is 4727 yen (tax included). The shipping schedule at the time of writing is after July 15th (Friday), and shipping to Japan is also supported.

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