Nintendo Switch: enjoy the gaming console on Amazon at a reduced price

To relax after telecommuting, to occupy the children or have a good time with the family, game consoles are perfect. Nintendo Switch too, in particular thanks to its games designed for the whole family. If you are tempted by the Nintendo console, to use it right away, or as a Christmas present, know that Amazon currently offers the Nintendo Switch console for only 292.90 euros.

Nintendo Switch at a reduced price on Amazon

Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is sort of a two-in-one console: you can plug it into your TV and enjoy a home console, or connect the joy-cones on either side of the console. screen, and thus find yourself with a nomadic console, to take everywhere with you. You can play your favorite games anywhere, as long as they are compatible with nomadic mode. The autonomy is unlimited if the console is on its base, and varies from 3 to 6 hours in portable mode.

A nomadic living room console

Nintendo Switch also allows you to play in multiplayer: you can play in online multiplayer, but also with your friends, with up to 8 players connected locally. The box includes a Nintendo Switch, 2 joy-con, the Nintendo Switch docking station, to connect the console to the TV, but also 2 straps, to secure your controllers, and a joy-con holder. The HDMI cable, to connect the console to the television, is also supplied. Note that in portable mode, the console has a 6.2-inch touch screen.

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