Nintendo Switch: Increasing Number of Domestic Games for Market Diversification

2023-10-02 02:10:01

[아이뉴스24 박예진 기자] The number of domestic games being released on Nintendo’s console device ‘Nintendo Switch’ is increasing. This can be interpreted as being suitable for market diversification through consoles as it has many users and is easy to carry. [사진=엔씨소프트]According to the gaming industry on the 2nd, NCSoft is challenging the Nintendo Switch platform for the first time through the fighting action game ‘Battle Crush’. Battle Crush is a game in which you battle with the goal of being the last person standing among enemies and a terrain that narrows over time. It is scheduled to be released in cross-play with Steam and mobile in the first half of next year. Nexon is planning to release ‘Dave,’ a hit that has been proven on Steam. ‘The Diver’ will be released on Nintendo Switch. This game, which combines marine adventure and tycoon, ranked first in global sales based on Steam U-Games immediately after its global launch on June 28, and surpassed 1 million copies in cumulative sales in 10 days. Director Jae-ho Hwang said, “To users, “We have put a lot of effort into developing the Nintendo Switch version to provide a variety of fun,” he said. “By reflecting the unique characteristics of the Switch, you will be able to enjoy a unique play experience such as Dave’s unique touch and control feeling.” Line Games also announced that Leg Studio ‘Genesis Battle: Gray Remnant’, a new console title under development, will be released on the Nintendo Switch platform in December. Adventure simulation role-playing (ADV SRPG) ‘Battle of Genesis: Remnant of Gray’ is a combined remake title of Battle of Genesis and Battle of Genesis 2, which gained great popularity in the domestic PC package game market in the 1990s. In addition, Action Square is a hike and shooting action game. Anvil’ and Neowiz’s action platformer game ‘Sannabi’ to the global market through the Nintendo Switch. The increase in new Nintendo Switch games is due to the fact that domestic game companies are seeking to expand into new markets and use the Nintendo Switch, which is easy to carry and operate. This is because they are joining the camp one after another. Nintendo Switch ranked third in all-time console game console sales, with cumulative sales exceeding 125 million units last year. This is a figure that outsold competing products such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox in the U.S. market. An industry official said, “In the past, Nintendo Switch games were centered on small-scale domestic indie games, but recently, large game companies are expanding into action and adventure games in order to diversify platforms. “It is a trend that is showing off,” he said./Reporter Park Ye-jin (
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