Nintendo Switch, the console imagined 15 years before its release

Nintendo has been the victim of numerous leaks in recent times. Another leak in recent days has revealed a “portable GameCube” with docking station, as a successor to the cube d’Apple from Nintendo. Years before the debut of the Nintendo Switch, it seems that Nintendo considered making a device that would have allowed for gameplay similar to the play anywhere that we know today.

The dock had controller ports GameCube, a slot for SD card and GameCube memory card, an AV output and an optional TV tuner + an MPEG4 encoder, and wireless technology.

As part of the same leak, the project for another version of the successor to the GameCube was named “Tako”. While Nintendo Wii wasn’t aiming for power, it seems the idea here would have been to create a system on par with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, compatible with Nintendo’s handheld consoles and “full HD”.

Source : lien


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