Nintendo Switch: Virtuos wants to port PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games

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21:50 – 04.04.2020
| software

Not only Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Dark Souls: Remastered or L.A. Noire were brought to the Nintendo Switch by virtuoso, but also the upcoming Nintendo Switch ports of BioShock: The Collection and The Outer Worlds are currently in the starting blocks at Virtuos. In an interview with the Maxi-Geek portal, Vice President of Virtuos Elijah Freeman revealed the following ambitions regarding the next generation of consoles.

With the launch of the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 this year, developers must set the strategy so that the gaming experience is similar across all platforms. At Virtuos we are prepared and have the talent to bring these new games to the Nintendo Switch.

Do you think virtuoso can do it?

Source: Maxi-Geek – News picture: © Virtuos


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