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Nintendo Unveils DLC News


Through a surprise Nintendo Direct, Nintendo explained at length about most of its current franchises. The Pokémon Sword and Shield episodes were no exception, and the next additional content was brought up.

[Mise à jour le 26 mars 2020 à 17h07] This will be the first part of the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield expansion pass. As expected, the lonely Armor Island will land this summer. In total, two new paid adventures are expected this year. As a reminder, this additional content is still planned for June 2020. Its scenario revolves around a dojo, you will have the mission to train with the master, Mustar. What will especially interest trainers is the legendary Pokémon exclusive to the content, Wushours. The latter is very interesting, since it evolves in Shifours, with two possibilities.

The first is named Mille Poings, of Combat / Water type, and the second Final Fist, of Combat / Darkness type. As we can understand in the trailer of four minutes of the extension pass, it will be necessary to overcome the Tower of Darkness, or the Water Tower, depending on the development you want. Once the extension is completed, you will be able to obtain the Gigantamax form of Shifours. That’s not all, since your starter with whom you started the game will also benefit from an evolution.

The content of the DLC is not limited to these few elements discussed. In the video below, we notice new haircuts and outfits that will notably be unlockable for your character. Some new decorations, emotes or frames are also planned to spoil the trainers. Finally, a pre-order bonus is available before August 31: you can get Tarak’s cap and tights.

Exclusive Pokémon Appears

On the occasion of the celebration of the 24 years of existence of the saga, several surprises of sizes arrived on all the available games. Pokémon Sword and Shield are no exception, and welcome a brand new monster! Zarude makes his appearance.

This Naughty and Monkey Pokémon measures 1.80m, weighs 70kg and is of the Plant / Darkness type. He also has the talent Leaf Guard, which allows him not to be subject to changes in status (burning, paralysis, sleep, etc.). We’re talking about a Fabulous Pokémon here, that is, it’s only available through an event, or a game derived from Pokémon. He thus joins a very closed circle made up of Deoxys, Mew and even Célébi. We do not yet know how to obtain it, and its capture is not possible, for the moment.

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Capturing 1st Generation starters

The surprise does not stop there since it will be possible to capture Pokémon starters of the first generation. This is a limited time event, until Monday March 2 at 12:59 a.m.. Bulbizarre, Herbizarre, Carapuce, Carabaffe, Salamèche and Reptincel are thus obtainable through the Dynamax raid (Bulletin des Terres Sauvages).

Mewtwo is also temporarily available in Dynamix Raids. It will be much more difficult to beat than its congeners, since it is directly at level 100. It should be noted that it is not catchable. On the other hand, if you manage to beat it, know that many quality rewards are to be recovered.

Following a remake episode Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee that only dipped his toe in the sea of ​​possibilities now offered for license by the Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon saga returned to the hybrid console with a canonical episode available since November 15: Sword and Shield Pokémon.

For Gamekult, which gives it the rating of 7/10, this new episode of Pokémon shows “a certain mastery, whether in rhythm or in rendering”. The adventure proposed by Pokémon Sword and Shield is “very pleasant to follow” but is marked by “the total absence of several hundred creatures” as well as mega-evolutions. For ALS, the journalist who tested the game for Gamekult, it is therefore “difficult to consider this new version as being the pinnacle of the license. Let’s rather see it as another good episode”. At Jeuxvideo.com, we are told that Pokémon Sword and Shield cannot “claim the status of a must” especially because of “its still very classic structure, its overall lack of difficulty and its technical deficiencies”. The JVC test, which still gives it a score of 16/20, however, praises beautiful novelties such as the Terres Sauvages but also the new generation of monsters as well as its artistic direction.

The Pokémon revolution will not take place with Pokémon Sword and Shield, this seems clear from the various tests published by the specialized press in France. Gameblog takes stock: Sword and Shield “Breath of the Wild is not to Pokémon what The Legend of Zelda is”. This diptych therefore does not reinvent the Pokémon formula but changes the recipe “in small touches” as always. This should not bother some, however: “the proposal is still as effective for those for whom risk taking is secondary”. The game scores 7/10 at Gameblog. In sum, it appears from reading the various tests of the French press that Pokémon Sword and Shield did not take advantage of the passage of the saga on Nintendo Switch to reinvent the wheel but that the adventure remains quite effective and that its new proposals, group raids as well as Dynamax and Gigamax in particular, are just striking. It remains to be seen that if you want a complete renewal of the adventure, the game does not seem to you. But if you want to embark on a new Pokémon adventure mastered or if you are a neophyte in pocket monsters, this new opus will certainly be able to satisfy you.

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For the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the usual resellers agreed on a price of € 44.99 for Pokémon Shield as for Pokémon Sword. Now Amazon stands out with a slightly lower price.

As always, GameFreak offers three Pokémon called “starters” (understand that it is with them that you start your adventure). It is always difficult to choose your favorite Pokémon among these three starters and Pokémon Sword and Shield are no exception with Flambino, Larméléon and Ouistempo. For this eighth generation game, GameFreak has returned to the unique type for these starters. Flambino is Fire type, it will therefore be strong against Pokémon of type Insect, Plant, Ice and Steel but weak against Pokémon of type Rock, Soil and Water. Ouistempo is Plant type, it will therefore be strong against Water, Electrik or Ground type Pokémon but will be weak against Fire, Insect, Ice, Flying and Poison type Pokémon. Finally, Larméléon is of Water type which means that it is strong against Pokémon of the Fire, Rock and Ground types while it will be weak against the attacks of Pokémon of the Plant and Electrik types.

Which version should I buy? This is always one of the questions that Pokémon fans ask themselves when they release a new diptych in the saga. Because GameFreak indeed offers monsters exclusive to one or the other version to encourage players to exchange them. We take stock of the different Pokémon exclusive to both versions.

Pokémon sword exclusive:

  • Scrutella
  • Mesmerella
  • Siderella
  • Solochi
  • Diamat
  • Trioxhydre
  • Bebaille
  • Ecaid
  • Ekaiser
  • Palarticho
  • Furaiglon
  • Gueriaigle
  • Mysdibule
  • Boumata
  • Zacian

Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Shield

  • Embrylex
  • Ymphect
  • Tyranocif
  • Mucuscule
  • Colimucus
  • Muplodocus
  • Nucleos
  • Meios
  • Symbios
  • Vostourno
  • Authoress
  • Tenefix
  • Draïeul
  • Ponyta
  • Galopa
  • Zamazenta



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