“Nintendo vs Valve: Dolphin Emulator Controversy and the Future of Gaming on Steam Deck”

2023-05-29 05:35:01

Valve Steam Deck

Dolphin emulator rides Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii U eShop service shutdownThe occasion, announced earlier this yearwill be available The Steam platform allows players to play GameCube and Wii games on PC and Steam Deck with 1080p full HD quality. Nintendo, which has the strongest legal department on the ground, will surely not stand by and formally file a complaint with the Steam game platform in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and request that it be taken off the shelves.

That is to say, this open source emulator for free download was originally scheduled to be officially released at the end of this year, but according to PC Gamer Citing legal documents, Nintendo believes that this product has violated their intellectual property rights, and thus issued a relevant demand. The original Dolphin emulator introduction page on Steam has disappeared, and the development team has alsoConfirmation caseand announced that it will be put on hold indefinitely until the two parties can resolve the dispute.

Although players will not be able to simply download the Dolphin emulator through the Steam store, butofficial websiteThe download link has not been affected, so friends who are interested can go and have a look.

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