Nintendo would launch the Switch 4K in late 2022 with DLSS support and exclusive games

Since it was discovered that the dock improved OLED model of Nintendo Switch It will be ready to play games at 4K and 60 fps Information has not ceased to emerge about a possible new hybrid focused on these characteristics. If we add to this the rumors that more than a dozen studios will already have a development kit for 4K Switch gamesAlthough the company denied it, we have the ideal breeding ground for rumors of a possible new model to be triggered. Now a insider Has offered more information about this rumored Nintendo Switch 4K supposed to arrive at the end of next year.

You have been the known user NateDrake who has provided new details of this alleged revision of the Nintendo hybrid. According to comments in a new video published on his YouTube channel, the next Switch model will be something like a Switch 2 or a 4K Switch that will have DLSS support to reach that resolution. The insider has insisted that the large development companies have the development kit for this new model since the end of 2020, while the smaller studios have received it throughout this year.

It will not be 100% backward compatible with the current Nintendo Switch

These studies will be working both in exclusives for the supposed Nintendo Switch 4K like in ports of PlayStation and Xbox games that would not be possible in the current version of the console. The idea, according to this insider, It will be to have the games ready for the end of 2022, the date on which this model of the console will go on sale. In reality, the information handled by this user speaks of a launch window running from Christmas 2022 to early 2023, with a period of six months in which it will be difficult to mark the exact date of its arrival on the market due to the current production and distribution difficulties.

Another important detail that NateDrake has offered is that this new Switch it will not be fully backward compatible with the current console, since it will have a different internal architecture (it will not have Nvidia’s Jetson TX1). However, any of this information has to be taken as an unconfirmed rumor, something that the own insider highlights in his video alluding to the changing nature of this information.


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