Nintendo’s amusement park is almost ready, and it’s a blast

Super Nintendo World, Mario’s park at Universal Studios Japan, was supposed to was going to be open By now, but you know, things have happened. Now it’s almost finished at last and while none of us are likely to travel there in the near future, we can at least press our faces against the glass and admire it from a distance.

The park, due to open next spring, looks like a dream come true. A photo posted by The Sankei News it shows that things are practically over, externally at least. Visitors enter the park through the area in the lower left of the photo (Peach’s Castle, more clearly visible in another photo), and they are standing in a space that includes some of the locations of Mario more iconic, from Toad’s house to general platform stages on an ice level.

There are blocks of coins everywhere for some reason, and the back of the park is dominated by the circuit of Mario Kart and a huge representation of Bowser’s Castle, with a polygonal style in the N64 style.

While it all seems incredible, what strikes me the most is how close it is to original concept art. Look at this image below and compare it to the final construction in the photo above; They have been able to do almost everything, in some cases, like the flagpole section on the right, even improving it, since the real one seems to be higher than the art.

Illustration for the article titled

Illustration: Universal Studios Japan

Imagine standing there, at ground level, where none of those scaffolding is visible and everything around you is mario material. It’s going to be wonderful.

Which is a very positive sign for him. other Super Nintendo Land, construction started last month in Los Angeles.


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