Nissa Sabyan Uploads New Music Videos, Lyrics Become a Spotlight

JAKARTA,– Long gone since the issue blew into a third party in Ayus’ household Sabyan and Ririe Fairus, Sabyan’s vocalist, Nissa Sabyan finally back on social media.

This time Nissa uploaded a music video and lyrics of Sabyan’s new song entitled “Sapu Jagat”.

Songs that are known to be created Ayus Sabyan it was immediately discussed by netizens.

Not only because in the black and white themed video, Nissa is seen crying, but also because the lyrics in the song imply someone’s mistakes.

“I’m tired of looking for mysterious answers/I’m dissolved in endless fantasies/A restless soul that drowns/It’s my fault to relax everything I’m holding,” said a piece of lyrics written by Nissa via @nissa_sabyan’s account.

The upload immediately became a hot topic of netizens.

“Make the song lyrical, please,” write @komikki_ff account.

“Caption the lyrics of the song is deep huh,” write @vinalira account.

“Eh Nissa has secretly put out an album, try to clarify,” write @annekezonahiskyaa account.

Instead of clarifying, I actually compose a song, “ novianasantii.

But there are also people who admire Sabyan’s work.

“Finally. I like your works, I don’t care about the incident because it’s not my business. The spirit is to continue working @nissa_sabyan @sabyan_gambus, don’t care what other people say,” tulis akun @ fansaryasaloka6.


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