Nissan and unions extend negotiations beyond midnight

Since last May 29 Makoto Uchida, CEOs Nissan, announced the cessation of activity in its Catalan plants in Zona Franca, Sant Andreu de la Barca and Montcada i Reixac By December of this year, arguing low productivity and the need to reduce the volume of production worldwide, workers in Nissan Motor Ibericto have lived an authentic personal and emotional ordeal. More of three months on strike, a bitter negotiation and a business ultimatum, so that until this midnight do not expect to know the final outcome. Something that has not happened either since right now continue to negotiate.

He Department of Labor He called unions at ten in the morning to know his response to the latest offer made by the company to address the closure of the factories. The posture before entering the meeting was clear. “From the Works council we will make it very clear that the company’s proposal not accepted and that to open the negotiation it is necessary to agree on the guarantee of employment for all workers, agree on the process of re-industrialization and improve the proposed compensation, ”argued the unions.

Extension of consultations

After meeting with the unions, the mediator of the regulation file in the Treball department, also has summoned the management of the company to communicate the decision of the employees, although before he tried to reach a final agreement within the tacit extension of the consultation period (which is extended while the final decision is not communicated).

All this happened electronically, in the same way that the eight mediation meetings that concluded last Friday without an agreement had been held. In the morning, union representatives have not been together following the meeting from the Zona Franca factory as they had done in previous calls.

In the early afternoon the workers hinted that would be willing to go back to work, as a primary condition of the company to postpone the closure to December 2021, but maintaining the point of discrepancy in that no they want traumatic layoffs up to that date, while there is industrial activity (the company is committed but until December 2020).

They have also asked that a reindustrialization table with the active intervention of the committees, as well as a warranty on the part of the company to secure the future by offering the necessary assets to the companies that could be installed once Nissan leaves the plants.

At half past six in the afternoon the mediator of the Departament de Treball has reconvened the parties in a last chance agree. After a first exchange of opinions, in which the unions hinted that they still wanted to negotiate, the management and the mediator have agreed with them extend the consultation period until midnight. A time that has passed and everything has remained the same.

The company remains in its position to offer a good compensation payment, “Between three and four times more than the market average”, according to the company, and postpone closure one year to try to find investment solutions for the facilities and the bulk of the employees. At 22:30 hours the negotiation is still stagnant, with little progress, and close sources warn of a great tension. It was 12 o’clock at night, we entered on Wednesday, August 5 and the positions are still festering, although both parties sigh for an agreement.


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