Nissan and unions reach an agreement on the closure of Barcelona plants

After a negotiation uninterrupted that exceeded 25 hours, Nissan and the unions have reached this Wednesday a agreement about him closure of the Barcelona plants, which ensures that until December 2021 there may not be forced dismissals, although there may be voluntary dismissals. It is a time that the central and regional governments consider sufficient to seek an alternative for an industrial company that takes over the facilities and most of the jobs. For the company, only the labor adjustment supposes a cost close to the 400 million euros.

The agreement was reached after the company improved some conditions for the 2,525 people who will lose their job at Nissan in application of an employment regulation file (ERE). They close the plant of the Free Zone and its auxiliary production centers of Montcada and Reixach and Sant Andreu de la Barca.

For those under 50 years of age, a compensation of 60 days per year worked has been agreed (without a limit), and the treatment of the group between 50 and 54 years old has also been improved, the most vulnerable when it comes to thinking about a relocation, and they cannot think of an early retirement by age either.


Long negotiations

Nissan had ended the talks last Friday, after the mandatory consultation period that involves an employment regulation file (ERE) had ended. He launched one last offer and said he would keep it only until this Tuesday, August 4. It foresaw indemnities of up to 60 days per year worked, but warned that, if rejected, it would comply with the law, with 20 days per year, and the closure would take place as early as December of the same year, as initially announced. In other words, it would leave without giving time to look for new investors to take over the facilities and most of the jobs.

Nissan workers protest in April (Llibert Teixidó)

The Japanese company announced at the end of May the closure of the Barcelona plants. Initially, up to 3,000 layoffs were considered. In subsequent weeks, the El Prat spare parts center (110 people) and the technical and purchasing centers, which add almost 400 more workers, were left out of the process.

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