Nissan opens its doors to keep 400 workers, those in the R&D center and the shopping area

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Representatives of Nissan and the works council held the first meeting of the employment regulation dossier (ERO) on Tuesday, which should end with the closure of the three automotive factories in Catalonia: the of the Zona Franca, that of Montcada i Reixac and that of Sant Andreu de la Barca. The meeting, however, came as a small surprise when the Japanese company opened its doors to give a “possible continuity” to its R&D center, called the European Technical Center, and to the purchasing area. This means that 400 employees out of the 2,900 directly affected by the closure could be retained.

In addition to this announcement, the meeting rejected the workers’ rejection of the closure, as union representatives refused to sign the minutes of the meeting arguing that they had not been given “sufficient information. “required by the European committee, which is studying the reasons behind this ERO. In addition, the director of Nissan in charge of the closure process, Frank Torres, did not attend the meeting, although his human resources representatives and his legal advisers, the Garrigues office, did attend.

Nissan plants Parliament and MPs call it

Nissan plants Parliament and MPs call it “absolute shame”

At the meeting, the negotiating table was officially set up and the schedule of meetings was agreed, which will be extended until July 30, the 30 days set by law to negotiate the ERO that will take effect in December. . In a statement the company has called for public administrations to participate in the negotiations and workers’ representatives to help push them forward. “On the part of Nissan, there will always be a clear commitment to open dialogue, with the aim of finding points of agreement that will allow progress in this process,” the management said in a statement.

For their part, workers have said they feel “helpless.” “Nissan is lying to us,” said Miguel Ruiz, a spokesman for USOC on the works council. To show their rejection of the closure, hundreds of employees have gathered in the Zona Franca building where the meeting took place. The next meeting between the two parties will be on July 6.



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