Nivernais encouraged to respond to flu vaccination campaign

A seasonal flu epidemic “particularly virulent this year” which raises concerns about the ability of hospitals to cope: Tuesday, November 29, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne warned of the tensions that could result from the circulation of this winter virus, to which are added bronchiolitis and Covid.

With the early arrival of the flu, the threat of the triple epidemic of respiratory viruses worries

Brittany and Normandy are now classified in “epidemic phase”, six other regions in “pre-epidemic phase”. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, for the time being, has escaped the alarm.

It’s like road accidents, you get used to it.

In France, the flu vaccination campaign has been delayed (figures down 13% compared to 2021). A delay that Nièvre does not know, according to the Primary Health Insurance Fund which measures the vaccination rate of eligible people (over 65, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases).

Marie Halm-Bongard, pharmacist in Corbigny and co-president of the Union of Pharmacists of Nièvre, testifies: “This year, at the Anguison pharmacy, we have already sold nearly 82% of our vaccines against influenza, against a total of almost 63% at the end of the previous campaign, last January. A rather encouraging observation to qualify slightly, the number of vaccines ordered being lower than that of 2021.

Less vigilance…

The appearance of Covid has undoubtedly helped to overshadow the dangerousness of the flu in recent years, leading to less consideration of its effects. “It’s like road accidents, you get used to it,” laments Laurent Davenne, president of the Regional Order of Pharmacists. “But the flu has its share of deaths every year. »

“Even for young people, there are risks,” emphasizes Marie Halm-Bongard. “You can develop pseudo-asthma, persistent respiratory discomfort. “Health professionals and institutions hammer it in the form of a reminder shot: as parties and family gatherings approach, the application of barrier gestures is strongly recommended.

… And “vaccine fatigue”?

In addition, the reluctance to vaccinate against influenza, at the national level, can also be explained, in part, by “vaccine fatigue”. “There is a weariness… But the phenomenon remains difficult to explain,” says Laurent Davenne. “One would have thought that people would be more sensitive to the idea of ​​getting vaccinated. But sociologically, to adhere to a collective cause, we see that it is complicated. There is a form of health consumerism. While a vaccine is good for you… And for others?! If you mobilize the emergency services, others lose chances…”

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Flu and Covid vaccines can be given together. Be careful, however, of the planning constraints: “The flu vaccine, we do it without an appointment”, specifies Marie Halm-Bongard. “But for the Covid, it is vials of 7 doses that force us to anticipate. »

She adds: “For our part, we warn the doctors treating our patients when the vaccines are carried out. And now is the right time to do it, since it takes 10 days to activate immunity. We must not wait for the Nièvre to go into the epidemic phase?! “There is room and the medical profession is there,” concludes Laurent Davenne.

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