No. 2 ASEAN! ‘War Elephant’ moves to rank 112th in the world.

Army “Chang Suek”, Thai national football team Moved from 115th to 112th place in the world from the announcement of the world rankings. of the International Football Federation February 2022

International Football Federation (FIFA) world ranking announcement February 2022, where “Chang Suek” Thai national football team that creates results to win the ASEAN Championship “AFF Suzuki Cup 2020” succeeded in occupying Making the world rankings move from 115 up to 112th in the world and 20 in Asia.

However, the Thai national team is still number 2 in ASEAN, behind “Golden Dao”, the Vietnamese national team Newly created works. Overcome. chinese national team Go 3-1 in the battle World Cup qualifiers In the past, it has maintained its place in the top 100, ranking 98 in the world and 16 in Asia.

While the number 1 team in the world is still “Red Devils of Europe” Belgian national team that still maintains a strong ranking

Summary of the world’s top 5 rankings

1. Belgium
2. Brazil
3. France
4. Argentina
5. English

Top 5 Asia

1. Iran ranked 21st in the world
2. Japan, 23rd in the world
3. South Korea, 29th in the world
4. Australia, 37th in the world
5. Qatar ranked 52nd in the world

Asean nation ranking

1. Vietnam, 98th place in the world (16th place in Asia)
2. Thailand, ranked 112 in the world (20th in Asia)
3. Philippines ranked 129 in the world
4. Myanmar ranks 152 in the world
5. Malaysia ranked 154 in the world
6. Indonesia ranks 160 in the world
7. Singapore ranks 161 in the world
8. Cambodia ranks 171 in the world
9. Laos ranks 187 in the world
10. Brunei ranked 188 in the world
11. Timor-Leste, ranked 198 in the world.

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