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2023-12-13 13:18:03

No bottom line!Reporter Mayday blogger said his personal privacy was leaked and netizens suggested he call the police

Hotspot Express2023-12-13 21:18:03

On December 1, music blogger “Shengli” publicly reported to the China Consumers Association, accusing Mayday of lip-syncing at the Mayday concert. This accusation aroused widespread public attention and was called the “Mayday lip-synching incident.” Then on December 13, “Sound Theory” published an article on his personal account, claiming that his personal privacy had been leaked by netizens.

“Sound Theory” stated in the article that although he had originally planned not to post anything related to Mayday on Weibo, when he looked through the previous comments on Weibo, he found that a netizen was able to investigate his mother’s identity. name, and even made his mother’s name and photos of him on his mother’s personal platform public.

He went on to say that although he has received numerous personal attacks and messages mocking his photos over the past few days, he has been able to ignore them. But now, he could no longer suppress his anger. He questioned: “The next step is to find out my address, is it to ‘visit my door’, is it to make me disappear like this forwarding I received two days ago.”

“Acoustics” emphasizes that Mayday’s music creation is full of humanistic care. He asked: “When you can investigate a person’s mother’s name, when you can make a person’s mother’s name public, what exactly did you hear in Mayday’s creation?” He said angrily: “You are not worthy at all. Mayday’s music is not worthy of Mayday’s music, and Mayday’s music that fools the audience in concerts is also not worthy of Mayday’s music.”

This incident triggered heated discussions among netizens, with many netizens expressing their anger. Some netizens commented: “On a case-by-case basis, if someone raises a question, you can refute it with evidence and slap him in the face. If you can’t provide evidence, in order to vent your anger, you can even scold him for his bad habits. But but, but, human flesh exposes him Family members, and threatening him, this is illegal, you know!” Many netizens suggested that the blogger call the police, saying “it’s too much, call the police” and “support the blogger in taking legal proceedings.”

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