no decision on deal with Oracle, says Trump

The Trump administration had not taken a decision Wednesday evening on the agreement between TikTok and the American Oracle, which should allow the popular application to remain active in the United States, said Donald Trump, ensuring that he does not want any loopholes on security.

The agreement “must be 100% national security level. And no, I am not ready to sign anything. I need to see the agreement,” Donald Trump said Wednesday during a press conference at the White House.

“We need security, especially after what we have seen on China and what is happening,” he added, adding that a report on the text of the agreement would be made to him on Thursday morning.

The agreement should allow Americans to continue using this application, which makes it possible to make short videos, often musical or humorous.

The days of TikTok are numbered in the United States. The application is accused of spying on behalf of the Chinese government by Donald Trump, which demands the sale of its American activities by September 20, under penalty of a ban in the country.

An agreement, which would make the Californian software group Oracle the “trusted technology partner” of TikTok, owned by the Chinese group ByteDance, has been mentioned since a takeover proposal made by the American giants Microsoft and Walmart was refused by ByteDance.

It would therefore be a minority stake in Oracle.

“I don’t like that”, commented Donald Trump, who wants TikTok’s American activities to completely leave the Chinese fold and pass into American hands, via a sale, hoping that the United States will recover part of the the money paid by the buyer.

“I want a large part of this money to go to the United States government because we made it possible (this sale, editor’s note),” he said, lamenting that lawyers tell him “that there is no way to do that “.

The administration does not seem united on the agreement with Oracle. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is in favor, CNBC reported earlier today.


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