No donations to flood victims: H&K answers

Heckler & Koch wanted to donate as a company and together with its employees for the flood victims. This donation was rejected by “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” as “unethical”. We document the reply from H&K. The scandalous boycott hits a company that is doing a lot for the security of the country in Germany.

Dear former Federal President Koehler,

Dear Federal Minister Maas,

Ladies and gentlemen,

We, the management, the works council and the workforce of Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf, saw the dismaying images of the floods in the Ahr valley and in other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate with great sympathy. Our condolences go out to the people who lost their loved ones, their health or their belongings in the disaster, our concern goes to all those who are now left with nothing.

In view of the moving events, we decided, like many other workforces in Germany, to help spontaneously. We followed the call of “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” and collected donations for the flood victims. Within a few days, around 7,500 euros were raised.

“Take responsibility and achieve great things together with your employees!” This is how you formulate it on your website “”. It also says: “Double the donations from your employees and create an additional incentive to get involved with people in need”.

We did that. On August 4, 2021, we transferred the amount of 15,000 euros to your donation account. One month later we received the following message from you by e-mail: “Due to our ethical guidelines, a board decision was made that we cannot accept your donation.”

We regret this decision not only because of the needy people in the disaster areas, but also because it puts our company and its employees in a completely wrong light. Without your internet sub-page “Mission & Guidelines for Our Actions” giving information about what Aktion Deutschland Hilft eV understands by “unethical”, the accusation that we are conducting an “unethical business” speaks above all of deep ignorance. Two examples:

First: The police officers and soldiers who rushed to the affected areas immediately after the flood to help the local people are being equipped by Heckler & Koch. There is hardly a citizen in the flood areas who was not happy and grateful that our security forces were at his side at this moment.

Second: You certainly remember the pictures of the deployment of the Bundeswehr to rescue German and Afghan citizens from the Taliban in Kabul. Soldiers from France, Great Britain, Norway, the USA and Germany, among others, were able to carry out this mission successfully because they were equipped with weapons from Heckler & Koch. Weapons with which they could protect themselves and others.

We are dismayed when the board of the “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” refuses our donation on the grounds that this money was obtained through unethical means. This not only degrades us as a medium-sized company from Baden-Württemberg and our employees, but also the security forces in Germany, the EU and NATO who use our products every day.

With its products, Heckler & Koch contributes to the security architecture of Germany, Europe and NATO. We produce weapons to defend freedom, democracy and the rule of law. When it comes to exporting our products, we generally only supply Germany’s alliance partners. Not a single weapon leaves our house without the approval of the federal government.

Heckler & Koch acts neither unethically nor immorally, but strictly according to law. The security and protection of people provide the basis for prosperity, freedom and democracy.

Dear former Federal President Köhler, Dear Federal Minister Maas,

we are convinced that you, like us, know how important solidarity is, especially in times of greatest need. Therefore we will now give half of our donation directly to the community of Dernau, which was particularly hard hit by the flood, and to the technical relief organization.

Kind regards,

Dipl. Ing. Jens Bodo Koch Dr. Björn Krönert Dr. Manfred Haag
CEO CFO Works council chairman

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