“No evidence” of fraud, say authorities

Several US electoral authorities said Thursday, November 12 in a joint statement, more than a week after the presidential election, did not find ” no proof “ lost or altered ballots, or hacked voting systems.

“The November 3 election was the safest in the history of the United States, affirmed these local and national authorities in charge of the security of the ballot, including in particular the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency (CISA), which reports to the Ministry of Internal Security.

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“There is no evidence of a voting system having erased, lost or changed ballots, or having been hacked in any way”, they underline in their press release.

“Disinformation campaigns”

“While we know that our electoral process is the subject of many baseless claims and disinformation campaigns, we can assure you that we have absolute confidence in the security and integrity of our elections.”, they insist.

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Outgoing President Donald Trump had relayed unfounded information on Twitter a few hours earlier that a voting system, called Dominion, had “Erased” 2.7 million votes in favor across the country and had re-awarded hundreds of thousands to Democratic rival Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and other states.

Information denied by the electoral authorities of the key state of Pennsylvania and the company responsible for the system.

Trump still refuses to admit defeat

According to US media, Donald Trump is considering sacking the boss of the government agency CISA, Chris Krebs, who has worked to dismiss fraud charges calling into question the victory of Joe Biden, given the winner on Saturday.

The outgoing president still refuses to acknowledge his defeat, complicating the transition period for the president-elect, who is due to take office on January 20, 2021.

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