no exit, even for shopping

From Thursday, the Lebanese will have to stay at home 24 hours a day, for total confinement of at least eleven days.

It is a non-stop curfew that has just been decided in all of Lebanon, with drastic restrictions.

The Lebanese will not be allowed to go out for exercise any more than to walk their pets or even get supplies. Grocery stores and supermarkets are requested to set up delivery services.

In this country of 6 million inhabitants, the Covid-19 epidemic is described as “totally out of control”, with a 70% jump in contaminations in one week – 3,095 on Monday.

For the Head of State Michel Aoun,

“The tragedy we are witnessing at the doors of hospitals requires us to take radical measures”

With a few exceptions, everything will therefore be closed in Lebanon for at least eleven days, and the country is also barricaded by closing its borders.

Israel is closing its schools

Just to the south, Israel has also declared a third lockdown. Set up on December 27 for an initial period of two weeks, it has just been extended until January 21, with additional measures such as the closure of schools.

A country championing vaccination – 20% of the 9 million inhabitants had received their first injection on Sunday – Israel has been facing a rise in positive cases since mid-December. 9,754 were identified on Monday.

Zimbabwe confined

In Africa, Zimbabwe has been living its second confinement since January 3. If the number of cases may seem relatively limited in this country of 14.4 million inhabitants (14,000 since the start of the epidemic), the health system is totally bloodless.

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This weekend, thousands of Zimbabweans tried to cross the border with South Africa to escape this new confinement, and this while this country is the most affected on the African continent and must face a worrying variant of SARS-CoV-2.

Faced with this situation, South Africa closed its borders with Zimbabwe on Tuesday morning.

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