No health pass in Germany but possible restrictions for non-vaccinated people

While the extended health pass will come into force in France, the possibility of such a sesame is debated across the Rhine. Contamination is skyrocketing and the government, which fears being caught off guard by a fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, is looking for the way forward.

In an interview given on Sunday at Picture on sunday, Helge Braun, Director of the Chancellery Cabinet, announced that “The vaccinated will certainly have more freedoms than the unvaccinated”. Even if the use of a health pass is not on the agenda, more severe restrictions will soon await the unvaccinated.

To date, 61% of Germans have received their first dose, and 49.4% have completely received it, according to the Robert Koch Institute, responsible for disease control and control.

The number of Covid-19 contaminations is currently up 60% per week in Germany. Jens Spahn, Minister of Health, warns that at this rate and with the current vaccination rate, the incidence rate could rise to 850 per 100,000 people in just nine weeks, or 100,000 new infections per day.

The call for vaccination is therefore strong but not compulsory. In addition to the health aspect, the economic argument is strongly advanced by Helge Braun: “Regarding sick leaves in the fall, I can only advise each boss to organize vaccination stands in the workplace and to call for vaccination. Each employee, who thanks to the vaccination will not be sick or in quarantine in the fall, will be more than necessary in his workplace. ”

Tests galore


Josephine Maunier

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