no improvement for traditional restaurants before 2022

According to NPD Group, the coronavirus crisis has accelerated the use of delivery, drive and take-out.

In its latest study on out-of-home catering (RHD), carried out every month with a panel of 14,000 French people in 2020, the NPD Group firm gives little hope to traditional restaurants of regaining their pre-crisis activity. short term. Confinements, curfews and the drop in tourist activity have greatly weakened table catering, “Most impacted circuit, with a loss of 50% of its attendance and turnover in 2020”, notes Maria Bertoch, “food service” expert at NPD Group. This, while the RHD saw its turnover decline by 38%, to 35.6 billion euros, and its attendance by 35% last year. Results which place France in the European average. In Italy and Spain, RHD fell by 42% while in Germany, it fell “only” by 35%.

We expect fast food to remain the dominant circuit as traditional restaurants still struggle this year and probably into 2022.

Maria Bertoch

The big winner of 2020, fast food – fast food, sandwich shops, bakeries, specialized supermarket shelves… – in value and volume.

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