No investigation into possible involvement of the Royal House in the Poch case

There will be no investigation into possible interference of the Royal House in the Julio Poch case, confirms the National Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Prosecution Service. If there was a criminal offense, it has now expired, argues the Public Prosecution Service.

A majority in the House of Representatives wanted the National Criminal Investigation Department to investigate a possible leak in the criminal case against Poch. Last month concluded a commission of inquiry that someone who said he came from “circles around the Royal House” tried to influence the criminal investigation into the Transavia pilot. It turned out to be a woman who made a phone call to the Dutch representative of Eurojust, who played a facilitating role in the preliminary investigation into Poch.

Painful for Máxima

The Dutch-Argentinian pilot Poch was suspected of carrying out ‘death flights’ during the Videla dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s. Political opponents of the dictator were then murdered, including by throwing them from airplanes. Poch was arrested in Spain in 2009 and extradited to Argentina. He was eventually acquitted in 2017, but was unjustly detained for years.

The woman mentioned in 2007, when the investigation into Poch was still not known to a public prosecutor, asked a prosecutor whether “that case against that Argentinian pilot was really necessary” and said that it was painful for Princess Máxima. Her father, Jorge Zorreguieta, was Minister of Agriculture in the Videla regime.

The committee could not determine whether the woman actually worked in the Queen’s Cabinet, as it claimed. Her attempt was also fruitless.

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