no longer having to wear a mask in a restaurant, “it’s nice!”

At the entrance of a pizzeria in downtown Laval, Damien and his son show up with their health pass but without their mask. “You just get checked before entering with a health pass, that’s a very good thing.”

Eat in a restaurant or have a drink in a bar without a mask, it is in fact possible since the entry into force of the health pass last August. The measure concerns all places where the QR code is requested, but many customers still have the reflex to put on a mask. “When I entered the restaurant, naturally I took it out of my pocket to put it on, says Anthony, and I realized at the entrance that I could leave it. It’s nice! “

Pleasure shared by Aurélien Roussard, associated with the Casa del Sole. “People are pleasantly surprised, we have a semblance of life from before, it creates another atmosphere, we see people’s smiles again, which is pretty cool, we take advantage.”

Some keep their habits

Florence, she does not intend to abandon the mask yet. “Even when I go out into the street, I put it on. I have acquired a habit and I continue to keep it, even if we no longer have to, I prefer. It’s more secure.” Frédéric Mannigel, waiter at Petit Périgord, proudly wears a big smile, happy to see the faces of the faithful or passing customers. “It allows us to turn the page and mark the end of something, we hope!”

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