“No longer the one the football world admired one”

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Yes, Götze has to get out of Germany

Mario Götze is no longer the one the football world once admired. In the Dortmund championship season 2012/13, he was a regular, completed 28 Bundesliga games, scored ten goals and prepared 12 goals. A top quota! This season he has 14 appearances, three goals, no assists – mostly he only comes from the bank. A separation after this season is logical.

But the World Cup hero should not make the mistake and switch within the league. Götze has to get out of Germany. Far from any criticism and malice that he had to experience in his country.

One thing is clear: his name continues to draw in the football world. He’ll get lots of offers. But in the end it will be about what he wants himself.

If Götze – who will be 28 when he changes – wants to attack, he has to go to Spain or Italy. The leagues fit his style of play. Both top Milan clubs are said to be interested.

Or does he want to escape the hustle and bustle of Europe? Then there would be a move to the USA. A transfer to Inter Miami, David Beckham’s club. Götze is a sports hero, Beckham is a global brand. Together you could make the club shine. And Götze would be the man everyone admires – at least in Major League Soccer.



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