No miracle at Westvleteren Abbey

January 19, 2021


The Trappist monks of Saint-Sixte open their beers for home delivery, but without opening the floodgates.

Should we count on miracle? This Tuesday, the Trappist Abbey of Saint-Sixte de Westvleteren almost made us believe it, anyway. This lasted a few moments, the time we understand that what she had just announced was mainly … the announcement effect.

The good news, first of all: questioned by the containment measures and the impact of these on the distribution of their beers, the brewing monks of Westvleteren have decided expand access to their beverages by launching a new home delivery service. From now on, part of their stocks will be available via orders on their site and home delivery by a messaging service. We will therefore no longer be automatically obliged to go on the said day to search on the spot, in the Westhoek, for the few lockers that we have managed to order by web. And to facilitate transport, the abbey has reached an agreement with the packaging specialist VPK: the beers to be delivered will be packed in a box and an outer packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard, and no longer condemned to be transported in the heavy traditional poplar wood lockers. Awesome…

Sales sessions dedicated to home deliveries will be limited to … one per month.

The worst, then: only a limited quantity of “Westvlet ‘” will be dispensed by the new system; the majority will continue to be sold with removal on site, at the abbey. Sales sessions dedicated to home delivery beers will be limited to … one per month. And no way to discover currently on the site of the monks when the next will take place: “each sales session (will be) announced a few days in advance on the website of the brewery “, trumpets the monastery in its press release. It is therefore too early today to discover the precious date. We are doomed to go and visit the virtual abbey every day, in order to identify the correct day and ordering as quickly as possible, because the monks also warn: there will probably not be enough lockers available. arm yourself with patience. As before, in fact.

On this level, Nothing will change, the Trappist brothers of West Flanders will continue to religiously “manage” scarcity of their products. And the amateur will have to continue to pray to God knows which saints (Sixtus?) To hope to win the jackpot.

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