No more “Columbus Day”: Senate approved reform to change the name of the commemoration

With 105 votes in favor, the decision was sent to the Federal Executive for constitutional purposes (Photo: Courtesy of the Mexican Senate)

During the ordinary session of this Thursday, November 19, the Senate unanimously approved the opinion of declare October 12 as the “Day of the Pluricultural Nation”.

After obtaining 105 votes in favor, the decision was sent to the Federal Executive for its constitutional effects.

This resolution aims to motivate knowledgeor, recognition, valuing and promoting multicultural wealth, multiethnic and multilingual that characterizes Mexico.

The senator of Brunette, Casimiro Mendez Ortiz, considered that the concepts of the “Day of race” or the “Discovery of America “, they only hide the”persecution, forced labor, discrimination, segregation, hunger and slavery that they imposed on our ancestors for more than 300 years”.

The senator from Morena, Casimiro Méndez Ortiz, considered that the concepts of “Columbus Day” or the “Discovery of America” ​​only hide the precariousness established by the Conquest (Photo: Gustavo Graf / REUTERS)

Maria Leonor Noyola Cervantes, president of the Indigenous Affairs Commission, noted that the secretariats of Government Y Public education, as well as the institutes of the Indigenous villages and of the Indigenous languages, will be responsible for organizing, convening and coordinating citizen participation for the commemoration related to this ephemeris.

The legislator of Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) mentioned the Article 2 of the Mexican Political Constitution mentioning that he recognizes that our country has a pluricultural composition supported by indigenous peoples, and defines them as those descendants of the inhabitants of our territory before colonization who retain their own social, economic and political institutions.

During his participation he also mentioned that promote, respect and guarantee the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples, Afro-Mexicans and the like of our country, are the axes that govern the actions of the Commission that presides.

Martí Batres Guadarrama warned that October 12 “marks the beginning of a cruel war of conquest” (Photo: Danie Augusto / Cuartoscuro)

In this sense, Nestora Salgado García highlighted the importance of strengthen the rights of indigenous communities, as well as eradicating the poverty they suffer and the generation of awareness about the multicultural wealth of Mexico.

In accordance with Susana Harp Iturribarría, Senator of Brunette and president of the Senate Culture Committee, asserted that the proposal preserve the cultural, ethnic and linguistic richness of Mexico. Likewise, he said that such recognition will allow progress towards a gradual elimination of all forms of exclusion, in addition to achieving the construction of an intercultural public policy.

Solomon Jara Cruz, also a morenista, revived the discussion about the request for forgiveness from Spain for the damages caused in the process of the Colonia to indigenous peoples.

I do not think this is an insult, on the contrary, it is about recognizing a political and social reality

Xóchitl Gálvez said that this commemoration does justice to the long journey of indigenous peoples for their recognition (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Xóchitl Gálvez said that this commemoration does justice to the long journey of indigenous peoples for their recognition (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

To end the participation of the representatives of Brunette, Martí Batres Guadarrama, warned that the October 12 ° “Marks the beginning of a cruel war of conquest.” For the senator, Christopher Columbus opened the way to Hernan Cortes, Pedro de Alvarado, Francisco Pizarro and other conquerors to appropriate the gold, silver and other riches of America after provoking a genocide.

Because of this, he insisted on the importance of change symbols, acknowledge history and leave Eurocentrism behind that has been present in the history of Mexico.

In his speech, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, Senator of the National Action Party (PAN), said that this commemoration does justice to the long journey of the indigenous peoples for their recognitionBesides, they are the ones who have contributed to the construction of the country.

For its part, Beatriz Paredes Rangel, legislator of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, (PRI), requested that the commemoration be with justice and equity. He called for the development with sufficient intensity and resources public policies in this matter.

For this political will to be translated into a transformative will for the benefit of the indigenous communities of Mexico”, He concluded.


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