No more singing? Bára Basiková has a new job

During the first wave of the pandemic, the singer started a blog called When You Jump, so did I. Although he drove off well, it was necessary for her to do something else. “Then I needed to work somewhere and make money, so I helped various where the work was. I spent a long time in a home for the elderly, then taught singing and in the autumn shot the show Your face has a familiar voice. That was nice, because at least I went back to the profession. But again, I help in various institutions. Now, for example, in an orphanage and in various ways, I look for work to realize and make a living, “ she confided Basic according to the magazine Sedmička some time ago on the waves of radio Frekvence 1.

Your face: Bara Basikova did not hold back tears! Because of Gott!

Unexpected impact

But working with seniors and children who grow up without parents has reportedly given her a lot. “I love old people – and the older, the better. I love their acquired wisdom, insight, life experiences and those experiences, because they were young, they experienced everything, they have it behind them, and when they have really interesting memories and they have something to tell, I really like to listen to it. “ the singer admitted. At the same time, she added that the sight of those who already lack a spark are sick and helpless, crushing her. He is said to love children for their immediacy and ability to see the world without unnecessarily worrying … As they say, everything bad is good for something.

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