no more zeros but Euro5!

So we take the same or almost the same and we start again to transform the Tracer 7 into the Tracer 7 GT, with:

– suitcases in the colors of the motorcycle, in this case a beautiful khaki Tech Kamo green like the last Tmax 560, equipped fasteners and locks, 20 liters (so no helmet),

– a BIt is taller and wider for better rider protection over long distances. Made of anti-scratch and shatterproof polycarbonate. 92 mm taller and 70 mm wider than the standard screen, “it guarantees optimal driving comfort with reduced noise and better protection against wind and bad weather”, explains the press release.

– a comfort saddleEquipped with a double material cover with contrasting seams as well as foams of different densities for optimal comfort, and a TRACER logo.

No more info for the moment, neither regarding the weight for example (the Tracer 700 GT 2020 posted 196 kg TPF), nor the seat height (835 mm still?), Nor about the suspensions compared to the standard Tracer, or even as regards the price, to come (the previous one was at 8999 €). The bike will be available in January 2021 in gray, green or red.


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