No need to connect your mobile phone to log in and use WhatsApp native app available today-ePrice.HK

As the instant messaging platform with the largest number of active users in the world, WhatsApp is constantly developing new features. They announced in their official blog a few days ago that the native program of WhatsApp for PC has been released.Available on Microsoft Storeand the macOS version will be available shortly.

No mobile login required

To use WhatsApp on the computer, in addition to logging in to the web version through a browser, users can also download the desktop version of the program in the past, but this Electron-based program just embeds the web page, and the functions are almost the same as the web version, except that there is no need to open the browser page. The newly launched native programs are developed for Windows and macOS, and theoretically provide a better and faster experience.

Mac version coming later

Another advantage of the native program is that there is no need to keep the mobile phone connected after logging in, that is, when the user turns off the mobile phone, the communication can still be maintained. Although the native program has many advantages, it may not be feasible to install the program for users who use WhatsApp on company computers, so the web version still has its usefulness and reserved value.


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