No need to use a password to log into your Microsoft account, but security is always there

Microsoft account users are no longer required to use a password to authenticate. They have other options.

The use of traditional passwords has been questioned for a while by industry experts. So it’s no surprise that Microsoft is now offering its users the option of removing their passwords in favor of other, more secure login methods.

The Redmond firm has recently integrated a new connection option that allows you to delete your password. An option that was until now reserved for professional users.

To replace traditional passwords – there is obviously no question here of reducing the level of security of Microsoft accounts -, the Redmond firm offers its users to configure facial or digital recognition with Windows Hello, to use a USB security key, send a verification code by email or SMS or go through its dedicated application, Microsoft Authenticator.

Peak cyber attacks

The deployment – in progress – of the new Microsoft authentication option comes after a particularly busy year in cyberattacks. Due to the health crisis, many employees had to work from home. Prime targets for hackers. The latter took the opportunity to try to infiltrate and corrupt the computer systems of companies by getting their hands on passwords.

“Weak passwords are the entry point for the majority of attacks on corporate and consumer accounts,” said Vasu Jakkal, vice president of security, compliance and identity at Microsoft , in a blog post.

Leaks of usernames and passwords on the web are also very common. Once they get their hands on a combination of credentials, hackers just have to test them on different platforms to hack multiple accounts of their victims.

This is why using one of the options offered by Microsoft is more secure since it is much more difficult to bypass facial identification, to retrieve a code sent by SMS or even to get hold of a physical key.

How to delete my password?

  • Update your Windows system
  • Go to your Microsoft account from the computer settings or directly from a web browser
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Select “Advanced security options”
  • Activate the option “Account without password”

You will then be prompted to configure the Microsoft Authenticator application or one of the other options offered by the Redmond firm. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

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