(No, nothing) Rahaf Al-Qunun exploded the Internet with a picture from the bathtub, while she was doing this shocking act!

The Saudi model, Rahaf Al-Qunun, posted a picture on her personal page on the social networking site Instagram, using the “Al-Asturi” feature.

In the photo, Rahaf appears from inside the bathtub, holding a glass of wine in her hand. She appeared completely naked and commented, “With your health, for new opportunities, more achievements, blessings, happiness, health, love, travel and more money in 2022.”

Followers criticized Rahaf and bombarded her with negative comments, asserting that she is drunk and pointing out that their view of her will not change no matter what happens, and that the things that take place do not represent them, but rather distort the image of their society, which is unacceptable and not subject to discussion.

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