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Mainland actress E Jingwen won the championship and made her debut in the comedy talent show “I’m a Comedy Maniac” in 2014. After that, she worked on the set for several years. Finally, in 2019, she was popular with the public for her role in the movie “The King of New Comedy” directed by Stephen Chow. I am familiar with it, but after that, the acting career has not been able to gain further development. In this regard, her agent has no choice but to reveal the truth.

E Jingwen graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2019, he starred in the movie “The King of New Comedy” directed by Stephen Chow and became a “star girl” including Qiu Shuzhen, Gong Li, and Zhu Yin, who participated in many movies and dramas of Stephen Chow. One, although her appearance is not as outstanding as other actresses, and she was even dubbed the “ugliest star girl” by netizens for a time, she still gained industry recognition for her professional acting skills.

However, E Jingwen lacked self-confidence in his appearance and acting skills. When he just graduated from university, he still did not dare to disclose that he was engaged in actor work, so he ran for 8 years. Although he has participated in films such as “The Sewing Machine Band” and “Journey to the West: The Demons”, he is only a character without front-facing shots and half a line.

Later, E Jingwen was fortunate to be photographed by Zhou Xingchi as the heroine of the movie “The King of New Comedy”, which also made her unable to hide her joy at the time, and wrote on her personal social platform PO article, “Mom, Xing Ye called me to make a movie. , this time there are lines.” Later, he was well known to the public for his role of “Like a Dream” in “The King of New Comedy”, which was nominated for the Best New Actor at the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2020.

At that time, Zhou Xingchi was able to act as the heroine of “The King of New Comedy”, so E Jingwen couldn’t help but write in PO, “Mom, Xing Ye called me to make a movie, this time I have lines.” Weibo/E Jingwen Vin)

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After that, E Jingwen rarely played an important role on the big screen, and only performed one movie a year. In this regard, her agent said that because E Jingwen insisted on only shooting high-quality works in her mind, she did not want to make bad movies or put on variety shows to increase her exposure, and she did not like to use social platforms to narrow the distance with fans, so she Up to now, he still lives by “ideal”, which makes the agent quite helpless.

Check the posts that E Jingwen had posted on Weibo, “Because I don’t like business, I have been criticized, so maybe, probably, there will be some life (make up) sharing recently”, “You said that I forgot my Weibo account, I I messed up a few pictures, let’s make do with it.” It can be seen that she really does not like to run social platforms.

E Jingwen once revealed on Weibo that he “doesn’t like to run a business” and “forgot his password”. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo / E Jingwen Vin)

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