No one should ask about marriage anymore, that matter is decided! Sanusha

Sanusha Santhosh is an actress who started her acting career as a child actor. Later, the actress reached the silver screen as a heroine. For Malayalees, Sanusha is like a child in their own home. There is no other reason for that, every growth of the star was in front of the audience. Now the latest reel video shared by Sanusha is gaining attention. This video is about never getting married. Instagram’s answer to the question ‘when will I get married’ is ‘never’. Sanusha’s facial expression at that time is also very interesting.

It is a question that everyone faces whether it is marriage age or marriage is not right. Even if they become celebrities, this question alone does not change. But fans say that this video of Sanusha is an advance bail.

Sanusha has shared the video by saying, ‘Then Instagram has made a decision in that matter’. The video is accompanied by the background music of Lola Lola. The film is getting interesting comments. Sanusha’s ‘delicate heart’ seems to have broken after hearing this decision of Instagram and many comments have come to this saying that Cherukan has been saved. Some people advise Sanusha very seriously, ‘Don’t get married, it’s better to be happy and independent like this’.

Sanusha also responds to comments. When he said that the little one was saved, you said no and gave a knocking emoji. Sanusha replied to the person who asked if we should correct this statement, “Oh no.” In response to a comment, Sanusha says that even after looking at it four times, the same thing came up, and she did not post it here because she was not in a position to include it.

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