no respite for the Tigrayans

Abiy Ahmed

Beginning almost three weeks ago, the war between the Ethiopian federal troops and the Tigrayan forces continues unabated. On the government side, significant progress is announced in Tigray, without it being possible to verify the information, the dissident province being completely cut off from the outside.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a statement on Saturday in which he reported on the advance of the federal army in Tigrayan territory. “Our forces have now fully liberated the town of Adigrat from the TPLF militia,” said the Ethiopian chief executive, before adding: “Together, with the rest of Ethiopia, we will ensure that to meet all humanitarian needs ”.
This advance announced by the Prime Minister is confirmed by Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check, a government media which indicated: “Our forces are advancing towards Mekele”.

In reality, it is difficult to verify the information distilled here and there about this conflict, due to the cut-off of the Internet and all communication channels that can link the province of Tigray to the outside world. What is certain is that no less than 36,000 Ethiopians, fleeing the fighting, have already crossed the border into Sudan, the only way out for these Tigrayans trapped between Eritrea in the north, an inhospitable region in the east. and the government ally Amhara region to the south. Among the fugitives, at least 12,000 children left “without parents or family”. This influx of refugees on Sudanese soil raises the specter of a new humanitarian crisis in this country.

Abiy Ahmed remains deaf for the moment to all international pressures and all attempts at mediation. In this regard, the current President of the African Union, the South African, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced on Friday the appointment of three former African Presidents to try to resolve this problem which is becoming a continental concern.
For his part, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres has called for “the opening of humanitarian corridors” to come to the aid of the population caught in pincers.

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