No rest.! Liverpool ready for warm-up against Lyon Milan at Dubai Camp

Liverpool have confirmed their friendly matches ahead of AC Milan and Lyon in the Dubai Super Cup.

Liverpool Top teams in the English Premier League Announced to confirm the warm-up program during the 2022 World Cup break by playing on the field against AC Milan and Olympic Lyon in the Dubai Super Cup battle.

In addition to the 7 players who travel to serve the country in Qatar, the “Reds” will go to collect them in Dubai. Since the beginning of December to escape the cold weather in Europe. in order to collect training before returning to play again during Boxing Day

Jurgen Klopp will use this opportunity as another pre-season. and will make those shins that hurt Come back to get fit, especially with players like Luis Diaz, Joel Matip and Naby Keita to be fit to come back to help the team after the end. world cup

However, it has been confirmed that the Reds will play friendlies against Lyon on December 11 and AC Milan on December 16, both of which will be played at the Al Stadium. – Maktoum Stadium, with a capacity of 15,000, as part of the Dubai Super Cup tournament where Arsenal will also play. But both teams do not have a queue to meet in this warm-up.

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