No school before September, banned parties, closed bars: this is how Italy plans its deconfinement

Lhe head of the Italian government Giuseppe Conte promised Sunday the reopening of schools in September and announced a series of measures to alleviate the confinement to which Italians have been subjected since March 9.

“The school is at the center of our thoughts and will reopen in September,” he said in an interview with the left-wing daily La Repubblica, stressing that “all the scenarios prepared by a committee of experts foresee high risks. of contagion in the event of reopening (before September, note) of the schools ”. “It is the health of our children that is at stake,” continued Mr. Conte, while schools have been closed since the beginning of March due to the Covid-19 which has already killed nearly 27,000 people in Italy, the country the hardest hit in Europe.

During a press conference in the evening, he confirmed that “schools will remain closed until the end of the school year”, while announcing a series of measures to alleviate the situation in his country and to restart industrial activities.

The measures announced

The parks will reopen on May 4, but it will be necessary to maintain social distancing and avoid gatherings. “If you love Italy, keep your distance,” he said, warning that all of these openings would be called into question if the contagion rebounds.

It will also now be possible to visit family and reunite, but in limited numbers and always respecting safety measures.

“Private parties remain prohibited,” he insisted.

Regarding the funeral, a maximum of 15 people will now be admitted “while respecting social distancing and preferably in the open air,” said Conte. The Italians, however, will remain without Mass until further notice.

The bars and restaurants, closed until now except for those who made home deliveries, will reopen on the same date, May 4, but only to sell take-out food. Gatherings in front of such places will remain prohibited.

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The full reopening of bars and catering businesses will only take place on June 1, as will that of beauty and hair salons, always in compliance with safety measures.

Conte also provided a more precise timetable for restoring the economy without which the damage would be “irreversible”.

“From May 4, we will reopen the entire manufacturing and construction sector as well as the wholesale trade for these sectors,” he said. Monday, only companies deemed strategic will be able to resume their activities.

On May 18, all retail businesses will be able to reopen, as well as museums, other cultural places and libraries.

Mr. Conte also announced that the government would fix a maximum price of -0.50 euros for surgical masks in the short term.

No major change, however, with regard to freedom of movement, which today is exclusively limited within the municipality of belonging and linked only to work and health requirements that a citizen must confirm by a declaration on the ‘honor.


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