No storage of doses, a more discriminating strategy: how Yves Coppieters imagines rapid vaccination

Yves Coppieters believes that the Belgian vaccination strategy must be without storage and more discriminating for the population. The example of England in terms of vaccination should also serve as a model for Belgium in the coming weeks.

The coronavirus variants are currently worrying many experts around the world, but they should not slow down vaccination strategies. Some vaccines like that of Pfizer, have already been shown to be effective against the British variant, as explained by Yves Coppieters. “Studies against vaccine protection for the Pfizer vaccine have shown that the British strain responds to the vaccine but this has not yet been demonstrated for the South African strain. There is still an unknown which does not allow us to to know if we have the necessary weapons to counter these mutant strains. On the Moderna vaccine side, we do not yet have the necessary data. “

The clock is ticking but it is still impossible to know when it will be possible to know which vaccines will be effective against these strains, as the epidemiologist explains.

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