Noah Centineo fans have come to scare him on several occasions

Noah Centineo

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Noah Centineo

The success of the romantic comedy ‘To all the boys I fell in love with’ turned its male protagonist Noah Centineo into Netflix’s new darling, which has since placed him at the forefront of several productions designed for teenage audiences, as ‘Sierra Burguess is a loser’, and it has elevated her to youth idol status.

The negative part of his fame is that sometimes his admirers can go too far and have come to scare him with their displays of excessive devotion. On one occasion, shortly after the premiere of the film that changed his life, three young men – two girls and a boy – chased him through an airport and, when he tried to be nice and asked them where they were traveling, they explained quite naturally that they had only come there to see him.

“I was very scared, really,” he has now confessed in an interview with GQ magazine.

Luckily, the 24-year-old has a chauffeur who has worked for celebrities for many years and knows how to handle these types of situations.

“He always tells me: ‘Don’t worry. I used to drive Angelina Jolie’s car. I know what I’m doing’. The truth is that I’ve been very lucky with him,” explained Noah, who on the other hand has been able to know a little Better to those three fans who approached him at the airport and he knows they are harmless. “Now nothing happens. I always give them a hug when I see them,” he clarified.


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