“Nobody could have done better”: Hubert Falco, mayor of Toulon, supports Macron for 2022

More than an announcement, it is a confirmation. The mayor of Toulon, who left the Republicans on May 5, officially supported Emmanuel Macron on Monday in a press release, eight months before the presidential election.

“I am making the personal choice to support Emmanuel Macron because he does what he says and because France needs to have a man of courage, realism and action at its head”, whose results “have no precedent or equivalent,” pleaded the mayor of Toulon and president of the Toulon-Provence-Mediterranean metropolis in a press release. And yet “nothing will have been spared”, estimated Mr. Falco: “Yellow vests, pensions, demonstrations on the climate, urban violence, health crisis”. “Faced with these crises, who could have done better than him? No one, and that no one can dispute ”.

LR defector

Hubert Falco had officially slammed the door of the Republicans shortly before the first round of the regional elections, deploring the “sauve-qui-peut” and the “shrinking of the line” of the LR party which, according to him, forgot “the essential issues to which he must respond ”.

Like the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi who had quickly followed suit, these southern mayors campaigned for an alliance between the LR and LREM lists in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Paca) region. LR had officially ruled out any agreement with the Walkers in Paca. The outgoing president of the region, LR Renaud Muselier, had finally won the regional by including members of LREM on his list.

Block the FN

Sunday, Hubert Falco was part of the forty or so mayors of the moderate right and of the center gathered Sunday in Fontainebleau (south-east of Paris) around the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe in order to “weigh” more politically at the approach of the presidential election of 2022. With this support displayed for the President of the Republic, the mayor of Toulon however goes further than his neighbor mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, also out of bounds with the Republicans, who explained on Sunday that these mayors ” did not intend to be a springboard for any candidate whatsoever here ”.

For the mayor of Toulon, “not to be in favor of the union (Editor’s note: with LREM) while the threat of the coming to power of the National Gathering has never been so strong, comes down to playing its game”.

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