Nobody wanted to show their face and it was Pedri who ate the brown

There are many reasons for the culé fans to be sad, disappointed and also angry. Not only because of the defeat and the image of impotence shown by the team against Atlético de Madrid, nor because of the injuries of Gerard Piqué, Sergi Roberto and the fright of Dembele. Nor solely because of the fact that Leo messi and Antoine Griezmann continue without marking the differences this season 2020-21.

What should really unnerve Barcelona -and many already do- is the fact that, after a new league setback in the field of one of the greatest rivals for the championship, the heavyweights of the Culé dressing room hid and did not they will show their faces. Where was Leo Messi? And Griezmann? And Jordi Alba? Busquets was not present and Piqué and Roberto had just been injured, so it is logical that they did not speak to the press.

The words of Pedri and Koeman

But the ‘Movistar’ reporter had to wait several minutes at the foot of the field for a player to deign to show him his impressions after the game this Saturday at the Wanda Metropolitano, after having already interviewed Yannick Carrasco on behalf of the ‘mattress’ team.

In the end, Pedri González was chosen to show his face and eat the brown, a boy from 17 years who has just arrived and who kindly responded to Ricardo Sierra’s questions, just before he did it himself Ronald Koeman. Messi did not act as captain in Wanda -just as he has not done it on other occasions-, and neither have some of his teammates who have been at the club for more years.

A scene that says a lot about how contaminated and broken the locker room is, and that gives the impression that Barça succumbed to the call ‘barely lose’ after seeing helplessly how Atlético de Madrid passed him over. Before starting the 2020-21 season, it was already expected that this year was going to be a transition year, but that is no excuse for players to lose their forms or stain the history and good name of this club.

It’s time to regain confidence

Looking ahead to the next matches, despite poor internal management and all the injuries accumulated by the squad, those who play they will have to leave their skin and run like boars in search of points, triumphs and an improvement of the mood at the collective level. It is time to continue rowing, even with the wind against it, so that Barça can at least qualify for a title this season.

And you may not win them, but you should at least be a candidate for it. If a player wears the Barça shirt, you have to know that in this club you never throw in the towel. Even if everything is against it and the team is surrounded by pessimism, you can always change the dynamics. For that to happen, however, everyone will have to row in the same direction. And for now, it doesn’t seem like they’re doing it.

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