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NOC * NSF wants the competitions for top athletes to be resumed on 1 July, says technical director Maurits Hendriks on Sunday at the NOS. There is currently a ban on sports competitions until September 1.

“I would be happy if July 1 was possible,” said Hendriks. “I think that top sport has a very good thing. It concerns a very small number of Dutch people, so the risk to society is very limited.”

“Moreover, the top sport has the luxury of full-time medical guidance, there is always someone who can watch. You can organize a lot that is not so easy in other environments in the Netherlands.”

Hendriks says he wants to meet with the Ministry of Health, Prosperity and Sport in the near future to make an exception for top athletes possible.

“I think we have a good case”

Hendriks also noted that the approximately one thousand top athletes and more than nine hundred professional footballers follow the guidelines of the government and sports umbrella. “I’ve been looking at the fields in the last few weeks. Everyone is sticking to it. I think we have a good case.”

The government banned sports competitions until September 1 at the end of April. According to Hendriks, it is “too easy” to critically assess that measure now. “We should not judge today’s decisions with the knowledge of today. We can look at what is now possible.”

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