Noelia Marzol went to La Academia 2021 with her son Donatello and blanked out that she is injured: “I have two sprains on my foot”

At the end of last week, I do Mazzei became a trend after suffering an accident in full rehearsal for The Academy 2021. His injury prompted other colleagues from ShowMatchAs well as members of the jury, please take dimension of the demands that dancers face.

In this context, Noelia Marzol spoke with The academy preview and surprised when communicating that she is also injured: “I have two sprains on my foot. Luckily I am able to handle it, but we have a little trick with Ions because we are both very fat”.

With her baby Donatello in her arms, who always accompanies her in practices, Noelia he reflected on the accident of I do Mazzei: “It affects us all because those of us who dedicate ourselves to this have empathy and understand what a dancer feels when he is injured, the anguish that it means to be unable to do what you love”.

While Marzol she passed the baby to Ramiro Arias, her husband, Jony lazarte opined: “It’s re crazy, because one sees Facu trained and thinks that it is rare for him to get injured, but the body has muscle fatigue and the program goes very fast. If you don’t get warm, these things can happen”. “What happened is horrible and generates a lot of fear”, He sentenced in turn Noelia.

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