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As of this writing, I watch Vincent get his hair cut and realize that I really have the cutest man in OD.

It all happened very quickly and very intensely. Being eliminated, having to leave my new friends, heading to the season-exhausted and emotional rollercoaster excluded cottage, and being at peace with that choice. And finally come back, meet up with my friends to decide who’s headed for the final trip and get back into the game 24 hours later. OUF!

I discovered in this experience Vincent, who became my partner, but also my best friend. I cannot count the number of times he has been there for me and offered me his shoulder and his ear to listen to me. He always supported me, encouraged me, believed in me, and was the first person to tell me: You are beautiful, you are good, you are capable, do not let go.

I started my adventure as a very naive young girl, being fragile, easy to break. For me, watching the shows was quite an ordeal, because I realized how sensitive I am and how people’s perception affects me a lot. My goal in coming on this adventure was not only to find love, but also to grow, become a strong woman and learn to speak my opinions more freely to stop being walked on. I have often heard people say of me “Tu are too nice Noémie! ” And for me, it has always been in my personality. I’m really trying to work on this, because being too nice can sometimes be a poisoned gift, and you find yourself falling into second too often, not giving yourself the value you deserve. AT Occupation Double, we are often asked what we feel, who are our “tops”. it was a great challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and live my emotions out loud, something I do too often in silence.

I had several moments of confrontation and I felt the anxiety rising. FROM Made me stronger, and gave me the courage to make my point, and give credit to my emotions. It’s okay what I’m going through, it’s normal, and it will be okay.

I have often thought of leaving the adventure with Vincent, because basically my goal had already been achieved, to find love. But, I stayed and I’m so happy. Vincent has always been with me, we are a team that moves forward together and we are doing this adventure together. He has often been labeled as strategic by some because he speaks well and makes our points. Personally, I’ve never seen her that way. On the contrary, He inspired me to express myself and make my points, get out of my bubble and assert myself more and more.

At the start of the adventure, I wanted to find THE person who was going to dig deeper than appearances. The chance to live with Vincent for 1 month allowed me to show myself vulnerable, that he sees my person, my faults and live our love without limited time. Parting in the middle of an adventure has been more difficult for me, but I know that I am stronger than I have ever been.

AT FROM, if I understood something: it’s that you don’t need to know, you just have to let yourself be guided. I appreciate everyone who took a moment to vote for us and I don’t have enough thanks for you. Every person I have met brought me and learned something. I am also thinking of Julie which made me understand that we had some of the same insecurities, being completely different. I understood through our relationship that it is normal and beautiful to be vocal. To succeed and inspire, you don’t have to be the perfect miss without insecurity. On the contrary, it’s nice to be imperfect and it’s nice to be vocal.

Having spent my 3 excluded weeks watching the shows with my friends, I can say that I am proud to recognize myself. I like the fact that I am natural and true to myself. I hope I made OD a little less conventional, and that we got to see a real person on TV. You don’t have to be perfect in every aspect. I like it to see myself on TV eating it all wrong, sitting askew, wearing my shoes with my dresses, laughing a little all the time, dancing like there is no tomorrow, not always being sure my 31 for all occasions, always being with your head in the air, asking a thousand questions, never fully understanding, and following the wave.

It takes a lifetime to learn to love yourself, but OD has given me a head start. It took some pressure off me, it’s nice to be awkward, funny and lost.


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