noise-canceling design headphones

Design sound

The Galaxy Buds Live by Samsung are the brand’s first true Wireless headphones that have a noise cancellation system capable of achieving the desired silence, and therefore, it is a perfect accessory for your sound privacy. The manufacturer has also included a completely innovative design, moving away from the classic button or stick type cut and proposing a slim body that fits inside the ear.

Since not all ears are the same, Galaxy Buds Live They are accompanied by small interchangeable pads that allow you to adjust the placement in a personal way, and thus, we will enjoy a comfort that combines ergonomics and excellent audio quality.

Custom mute

The active cancellation system (ANC), will be able to prevent ambient noise from bothering you in your moments of concentration, but in addition, it can also help you not lose attention to what is important, since it has an ambient noise cancellation mode that will allow you hear voices but not everything else.

In this way you can configure your isolation as you prefer, since there will be times when you need absolute silence and others when you need to continue having a connection with the outside.

AKG puts the sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Inside the small body of these headphones is a 12-millimeter speaker with AKG technology. Thanks to this component and the interior design of the body, the sound quality offered achieves excellent bass, since a series of air vents have been created that allow the sound to flow and obtain bass with consistency.

But in addition to generating sound, you also have to capture it. That’s where the three built-in microphones and the voice pickup unit. The former will be responsible for canceling the noise generated in the context in which we are, but, in addition, the voice pick-up unit will detect when your jaw moves, in order to interpret the vibrations that are produced and convert the signals into voice data. that allow generating a sound free of interference and noise.

Do not run out of energy

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Another of the important aspects of the Galaxy Buds Live it is related to their autonomy. The internal battery of the headphones offers up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playback, to which we must add what is offered by its charging case, since with the additional charges in the box we can reach 21 hours of use.

Simply, by storing the headphones in their box for 5 minutes, we will obtain 1 hour of autonomy, and if we consume the battery of the case completely, we can always charge it wirelessly with our own phone, such as a Galaxy Note20 with reversible charging.

Use them how you want and when you want

Headphones are quite personal accessories, so with the idea of ​​not having to share them, but still being able to enjoy an experience in company, with Buds Together you can link two pairs of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live so you and your friend can listen to the same thing at the same time without sharing headphones.

They are also the perfect complement when it comes to doing sports, since you only have to pair them with your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to complete your sports session accompanied by music, podcasts or whatever content you want, also having the peace of mind of listening to your surroundings thanks to the environment amplification mode, which eliminates noise but maintains voices, sound warnings, etc.

And if what you have is a long workday ahead of you, you can always link the Galaxy Buds Live to your Windows computer with the help of Swift Pair, so you can listen to music while you work or just enjoy the silence while staying focused.

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