Nokia: demonstration in front of the Nozay site to say “no” to the job cuts

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Employees of Alcatel-Lucent, a subsidiary of the Finnish Nokia, gathered Tuesday in front of the Nozay site (Essonne), where the vast majority had returned for the first time since confinement, to protest against the removal in France of 1,233 jobs, we learned from union sources.

“Around 500 people gathered outside the site (…) with the watchword the outright abandonment of the plan and not alternative measures, as Bercy suggests,” said ‘AFP Pascal Guihéneuf, of the CFDT, on the initiative of this event with the CFE-CGC, the CGT and the CFTC.

“We will go to the end because we have touched on research and development, arrested unilaterally for no objective reason. It is a betrayal,” he added.

After several speeches and a general meeting, the employees were to meet in workshops to “demonstrate that this plan does not hold and jeopardizes the development of 5G”, said for his part Claude Josserand (CGT).

The employees, who were joined by left-wing elected representatives according to the unions, also had to “prepare a demonstration in Paris”, with their colleagues from Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor), also very affected, “on July 8”.

“We are asking for reimbursement of the 280 million euros that Nokia has received from the French State if this plan is not stopped,” added Mr. Josserand.

According to him, a “joint motion” from the unions will be sent to the Region. “If this plan is maintained we will ask for the suspension of the juicy contracts obtained by Nokia within the framework of the organization of the Olympic Games”, added this trade unionist.

Telecom equipment supplier Nokia plans to cut 402 jobs in Lannion (Côtes-d’Armor) and 831 in Nozay (Essonne) in 2021 as part of a voluntary departure plan and with “reclassification solutions”, according to management .

A central CSE is planned next Monday and Tuesday in Nozay, according to Mr. Josserand.

The leaders of the CGT and the CFDT, Philippe Martinez and Laurent Berger, called on the government to intervene with the telecoms equipment supplier so that it reverses its decision.

30/06/2020 13:06:33 – Paris (AFP) – © 2020 AFP


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