Nomofobikak group premieres today in Astigarraga the comedy ‘Hackerrak’

Today at seven o’clock in the afternoon at the Erribera Cultural Center in Astigarraga the play ‘Hackerrak’ is premiered, a comedy in Basque that takes very jokingly and seriously at the same time what may happen in the future, or perhaps right now , with technological advances.

Belén Cruz, Olatz Beobide and Patxi Pérez are the interpreters who, under the direction of Ana Pérez, have created this show that follows the path of ‘Atrapados en la red’, the previous work with which they won the Pocket Theater award in Donostia.

Through various numbers, the function proposes to have a great time with that world that revolves around the technological gadgets that apparently make our lives easier. The creators of the montage explain that they have been inspired “by the future of social networks, by robots that can put us out of work, interested in the implications of artificial intelligence, the appropriation of personal data and that entity we call GAFA, acronyms for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the great commercial platforms that we do not know if they are already running the world.


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