non-essential travel prohibited from January 27 to March 1

Non-essential travel will be prohibited for Belgian residents during the month of February, from January 27 to March 1, we learned this Friday during the January 22 consultation committee. Travel considered non-essential includes tourism and recreation.

Among the essential trips, we find in particular family reasons, funerals, studies, etc. It will be necessary to present a declaration on honor. People living in border municipalities will be able to continue to cross the border to do their shopping.

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People who travel for essential reasons for more than 48 hours will have to continue to respect a quarantine on their return, as well as a double PCR test on the day of their return and seven days after. The rules for this quarantine will be clarified and strengthened, and will come under the jurisdiction of the regions. The quarantine could be extended to 10 days instead of 7 currently. Note that for people arriving from the United Kingdom or Ireland, Belgian residents or not, quarantine is mandatory regardless of the length of stay in Belgium.

A measure we expected

Penalties will be provided for offenders. The idea would be for the authorities to strike a blow before the carnival holidays to avoid having, as after the 2020 carnival holiday, an outbreak of contaminations in Belgium.

As for the airports, it is far from being a surprise. “This is a measure we expected, noted this Friday Nathalie Pierard, spokesperson for Brussels Airport, at the microphone of the One. It should still be noted that today, the airport is already idling, we have about 12% of the usual figures. But this situation, reserved only for essential trips, we experienced in April-May, or even early June, with about twenty flights, and 1000 passengers per day.“The spokesperson believes that it will be necessary to give a real definition of what an essential trip is.

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